Milestones 2007

Full reporting of Phase 1 clinical trial with HPH116 (50 heathly volunteers)

Full reporting of Phase 1 clinical trial Food Drug Interaction (12 healthly volunteers)

Submission to the FDA of an IND request

Scientific Advisory Board

Full reporting of six months toxicology study in rats

18 months stability report for Active Product Ingredient and Capsules
Labima Laboratories collaboration

Meeting with Investagator Centers in Spain
600 mg capsules for clinical trial "Proof of Concept"

Agreement of the Ethical Committees from the six centers in Spain

Responses to Spanih Authorities
Designation of a central laboratory for CD4 counts and Viral Load

EudraCT annual reporting on Adverse Evens
Follow up Study “Proof of Concept”

Capital increase up to 8.3500.000€

Milestones 2008


24 months dog toxicology study

Phase I/II double blind study 36 patients

6 clinical center Spain

New shareholding

GCP,GLP,GMP therapeutic vaccine preparation


Milestones 2009

Peparation of clinical phase II therapeutic vaccine

New patent covering therapeutic vaccine applications



Milestones 2015

Publication of full data dossier

Research of an External Partner

Time For New Management


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