H-Phar is a pharmaceutical research company

that develops candidate drugs based on its own worldwide patented technology.Through, knowledge, creativity and integrity, H-Phar aims to preserve and improve human health by offering treatments to everyone everywhere. H-Phar is active in four operating areas:

preclinical research focusing on the development of anti-viral applications of the so-called “zinc finger ejector” in the domain of haemorrhagic fever (arenaviruses) and oncoviruses (HPV**),
preclinical research focusing on the development of immune-modulator drugs inhibiting graft rejection,
clinical development of an anti-HIV*drug based on a totally new mechanism of action,
Vaccine evaluation of  a dendritic cell loaded with HPH116 killed virus vaccine for immunological responses boost
Participation at a network of scientist fighting Ebola virus (NIAID, WHO, MSF)

Respect of the highest standards of ethics and the highest level in scientific research is our major concern. H-Phar studies are compliant with OCDE Guidelines and ICH/GMP/GLP/GCP rules. H-Phar has build partnerships with opinion leaders in major institutions in Belgium , Europe and the US .

Partnerships includes :

in Belgium , the Rega Institute in Leuven , the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Université of Liège and the Universiteit Ziekenhuis of Gent .
in Europe , the University of Munich, Germany, the University of Barcelona, Spain, the Institut de Recherche et Développement , France Central Hospital of Luxembourg.
and in the US , the National Cancer Institute, the Food and Drug Administration
From 2014 Collaboration with African Caribbean   Pacific  Countries Group

*Human Immunodeficiency Virus **Human Papilloma Virus
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