Hélène Margery

CEO and Chief Financial Officer, Co-founder of H-Phar.
Board member of the project holders companies , from1989.
Co-inventor cited in all H-Phar Patents
CEO of multiple companies. Managed humanitarian events
Award Euronext of the Best Innovative Project in 2000

Michel Vandevelde

Medical Director. Administrator Co-founder of H-Phar.
Board member of the project holders companies , from1989
Principal inventor cited in all H-Phar Patents.
Registered Physician, M.D., Free University of Brussels .
License in Physiotherapy and certification in Physical Medicine, Free University of Brussels.
Formation for management of HIV infection at the Free University of Brussels 1996.
Author of co-author of lead publications on azo derivatives


Administrator of H-Phar.

Responsible for European-African connections and for ethical concerns

Bachelor (D.E.A.) in Culture of the peace, Chair of the UNESCO in University of Kinshasa / Republic Democratic of Congo.

Doctor in Political / Human Civil Law Science Ph.D, Specialization: Good Governance, Ethical and Political (Free University of Paris France)–University Chair of UNESCO (Professor Visitor of" Geopolitics of Africa" in multiple Universities)




Corporate Governance

Due to the high level of regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical industry, the Board supports the highest standards of corporate governance and requires its members and the staff of the Company to act with integrity and objectivity in relation to:

compliance with the law and ethical issues
record keeping;
professional conduct;
strict financial analysis
dealing with suppliers, advisers and regulators; and
dealing with the community and employees.

Annual General Meeting.

Pursuant to Belgian company a yearly General Assembly permits to all shareholders to exercise their voting rights to reach decisions regarding the composition of the Board and other central questions.

Monthly General Meeting.

A board of representative of all shareholders have a monthly meeting reviewing the major strategic issues “in real time” making H-Phar able to react to the evolution of the assessed development plan.

Weekly Steering Committee.

To enhance the quality of the development process and to avoid any deviation of the internal standard operating procedures, a college of experts examines weekly the scientific and financial aspect of the project.

A report is written and sends to member of the board of the monthly meeting.

Scientific Advisory Board up to 2009

Every 6 months, a scientific meeting permit the confrontation of the generate data with leaders experts in H-Phar fields of activity.

Claude Auriault

Director of the « l’Institut de Biologie de Lille », Lille, France.

Dr. C. Auriault is an immunologist and a molecular geneticist in the field of cellular immunopathology of infectious diseases. 

Arsène Burny

Chairman of the FNRS “Fonds National de la Recherche scientifique “ (founded in 1927 by King Albert I).

Prof. A. Burny is a member of prestigious academies and scientific committees and is involved in many research programmes in the field of diseases from viral origin including HIV/AIDS.

José Gatell

Senior consultant ; "Head Infections diseases" AIDS units- University of Barcelona , Spain .

Dr. Gatell’s main research area focuses on the clinical investigation of new antivirals, and on the response to the treatment of patients in early stages of HIV and on immune reconstitution.

Frank-Detlef Goebel

Deputy Medical Director of the Medical Polyclinic - University of Munich , Germany.

Dr. F. Goebel conducted the first clinical trials with ADA in HIV/AIDS patients failing on HAART* therapy.

Philippe HERMANS

Deputy Chief of the Haematology and Oncology
Diseases Dept St-Pierre University
Hospital, Brussels , Belgium .
Dr. Ph. Hermans is an expert in HIV/AIDS
in particular in its relation with Kaposi
sarcoma and with lymphoma


Financial Control

All accounts are certified by an independent auditor the company Account Units represented by Mr Jean François Lepeut.

Organisational Resources

Experimental research is located at the original university laboratories for each technology platform. Other research are conducted for H-Phar by subcontractor following GMP,GLP and GCP standards.

Investor Relations

H-Phar objective is to stimulate investor interest. H-Phar will always provide relevant, up-to-date and speedy communication. All its contacts with external markets are through the Chief Executive Officer and the Head of Research.

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